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Cindy d

"Board members should have to pay out of their own pocket and not use the funds from the HOA to defend themselves in mediation and or arbitration. In my opinion, (condo or townhome owners) that live in an HOA should be able to submit a complaint to TREC so they can investigate the HOA matter."

Jack A

"(My) condo association allowed years of common maintenance neglect. Participation was often too low for quorum, which made it impossible to vote for the necessary assessment to fix aged-out roofs and siding."

Amy H

Georgetown Estates in Van Alstyne Texas is pushing through new rental regulations with HUGE fee to investors.

James V

"The homeowner did not understand that the new mortgage company would not pay his HOA bill, as it had been done for the previous years. With late fees, legal fees and associated costs, the debt to the HOA ran up to $5,000+, and the HOA forced a foreclosure."

John P

Last session you capped $ for resale certificates for POAs at $375. It's time to cap them for condos, too

Bruce B

"We purchased the home in 2019 from the original owner. The original owner built an Arbor in the driveway ... our NEW HOA is telling me to remove it if I can't show proof that previous HOA approved the build."

Caitlin G

"I should not have to jump through hoops to build/purchase a covering for my vehicle. It's my HOME. I'm paying to own it."

Cindy d

"These new HOA laws NEED to apply to condominiums here in Texas. I'm a real estate broker and live in an 8-unit condominium complex and the board members and property management company are blatantly committing illegal acts ... I wish we were able to report their illegal activity to TREC but unfortunately we are not protected like owners who own a house."

Pam H

I have been shocked by a specific subdivision in the area ...

Kellie P

I'm unfortunately dealing with a nightmare HOA ...

Karen S

I live in The Preserve of Texas. This property was incorporated in 1972 and was sold to a new developer about 2 years ago ...

Karen S

Reading several of these post and my own experience with our POA ...

Kimberly T

We live in a 55 and up community ...

kurt w

In 2017 I made a request to my HOA board for a description of my violations ...

Maria L

On the HOA Board, there was an investor that didn't live in the community yet owned homes and sat on the board ...


Hoa is forcing us to stop our str and saying minimum one month lease term in their ccr.

Kenneth P

I live in Granbury, Texas ...

Steven G

With the new laws that that have been put into place I don't see how having a fence around the entire property would help with property values or burglar bars on the house ...

Larry D

Our HOA is saying the $75 cap only applies if they have to redo or "update" a resale certificate a second time, which they admit rarely happens ...

Irene W

My question is what interest does a Developer have in an HOA when he/she does not live there ...

Joseph A

Residents have the right to know every dollar expended and received by their communal HOA.

Noah B

My HOA is trying to charge a fee for renting rooms of my house.

Monty C

A battle is forming in Hays County ...

Herman R

There are several problems with HOAs ...

Michael H

We are held hostage in our neighborhood by a couple of HOA board members.

Sharon W

For 5 years I have lived in a condo in Dallas, TX ...

Margie L

Our neighborhood has major pool issues ...

Rochelle H

We have unfortunately fallen victim to the unethical business practices ...

Brittany S

When we bought our home there wasn't an hoa at that time but the developer was supposed to form one.

Lori M

My HOA restricts fences to 36 inches.

Peggy S

The cost of selling my house in this neighborhood is $3500 (Capital Contribution), $50 (transfer fee) and $200 (resale certificate) ... I am a retired teacher and I simply cannot afford this. I am so glad to hear that of this HOA Reform Operation. We NEED legislation to control these HOAs.

Vickie G

The HOA management company in Corpus Christi is refusing to tell me when meetings are, who are board members are, or when a meeting took place that raised our dues 10%.

Vanessa S

I am in the process of selling my home and I had to pay several hundreds of dollars for HOA to release HOA documents for my closing documents.

Martha L

HOA needs to be regulated and there should be some guidelines available to the community to appeal their decisions.

Andrea P

The house we just sold had the worst HOA. It was pretty much nonexistent other than collecting the fees. There is no website, no posted rules, and little information on who to contact and how.

Gary M

This was a case where I was victorious in my claim that the HOA was unreasonable and not willing to work with me to resolve a dispute...

Russell B

These homeowners ended up having to sell the property and take a loss because their family situation changed

Deborah D

If our dues are not paid timely, we are charged and called to court; YET, our monies are not being handled well and our assets are not being properly taken care of.

Pilipinas A

Im in difficult situation which has been lost of work and no stable income it is difficult to maintain the monthly installment as well as the other dues

Jennifer I

The hoa of The Trails in Horseshoe Bay would not allow me, a person with disabilities, to have a therapeutic spa even though I would put it behind a 7 foot wall and landscape around it.

Theresa C

I have had owners approach me about selling because of the lack of management and abuse of power by The Board.

Genesis W

The current bills address a majority of our concerns; however, HOAs report to credit bureaus.

Imtiaz B

Non HOA area prices are 3 times higher than HOA subdivision.

Belinda F

in 2019 I had to pay an extra assessment of almost $3,000.00, because they were going to change all the roofs in the complex.

Kathy C

My HOA allowed the neighbor across the street to build an extra garage. We did the same thing and was told by the HOA that we created a violation.

Lori R

Hold HOAs Accountable for proper records.


Hoa reform is very crucial, they have too much powers and too many outrageous fees and charges, statement fees, expedite fees, resale fees, transfer fees, capitalization fees and what not cannot even remember how many fees they have.

Sherri T

Really for a real misuse of power.

Susan O

On a property which did not have my correct mailing address, I called to ask about my dues and found out that the HOA was going to file for a lien on my house the next day!

AnnJeanette F

The outrageous fees charged by the HOA, the management company - to both Buyer and Seller amounted to a total of $1,431.00. This could have derailed our closing - everyone involved in this closing, Buyers & Agent, Seller's & Agent, and the Title Company were all aghast at how much these fees have gone up only recently and without accountability.

Calvin B

After the hard freeze in Feb 2021, there were so many dead trees and shrubbery/plants. But in a letter we received from the HOA end of April 2021 it stated that it was observed and recorded that we had a dead tree.

Herbert L

My neighborhood association has been collecting our fees for years with no clear understanding of where those funds go.

Stephen H

Sienna Plantation in Fortbend County charges a Seller of a home .05% of the sale price, then charges the Seller one full year of HOA dues (currently $1,250), then charges roughly $425 in miscellaneous cost.

Pam B

Clients are approved for Mortgage, but HOA denies them Membership due to credit.

Janna B

They have too much power. No reasoning.

Nathan S

How can a developer turn over to an HOAa huge debt when he closes subdivision without ever disclosing to buyers or others what he is doing.

Evelyn G

Since 2003, I have a townhome for which I not only pay extremely high HOA payments but also insurance to them for the outside maintenance of my home.

Charles S

In my experience HOAs have way too much power in our state.

Lindsey S

I closed a transaction last year for a home that resided in an HOA. The resale certificate was $350.

Jacqueline C

I only stayed there for 1 year and when I needed my resale certificate it was like pulling teeth. I didn't know there was a fee for it.

Gerry A

HOA's are out of control....please do something about this freedom to rob mentality with no fear of impunity!!

Belinda O

We chose our President/Vice/secretary 14 years ago They are still in place. The HOA president and Vice live in the same household

Veronica W

HOA takes NO accountability for unfounded violation letters they send. Such letters tarnish a resident's HOA record and can lead to fines.

Lori S

We are always held hostage and extorted for these documents. They should have transparency with their fees and rules.

Angie M

We have around 3000 homes in my community all of which pay $400 a year.

Bobby K

sometime in 2009 or 2010 HOA and/or Property Manager filed a lawsuit for few dollars deficit and they poorly communicated it

Carmelita B

Some HOA have too much power telling us what kind of flag we can have on our property and when we can display it.

John M

We had three residents fraudulently create a civic association and an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) without any resident petition process or input from any property owner.

Al D

President of hoa has been in office for more than 25 years

Hilda R

It should be mandatory for the HOA's to publish the fees on a website or they should be responsive to Realtors and Owners when they request the costs to sell properties in the HOA.

Melinda C

Need to regulate this associations HOA / POA.

Shena P

My HOA is in violation of their own convenants and restrictions and refuses to comply.

Patricia R

We are "unfortunate" enough to pay into 2 HOAs in Dallas County.


they do not do anything but every year the fees go up

Al V

It's hard to get your voice out when you aren't given a voice, much less that voice being heard or recorded.

Susan A

I sold a home in July 2019 to an investor buyer in Japan. Our company then helped the new Japanese owner manage it starting after closing.


My dealing with our HOA, they are CLOWNS. Wrote be up for loose bricks around the flower bed, when more than half the neighborhood did the same thing

Brian H

I submitted plans for a patio approval, and they were approved with certain restriction reminders specifically a 4/12 pitch roof.

Marci P

Many of the negative Experiences come from ignorance of the governing documents w/"terms" that homeowners sign ( a contract) agree to abide by when they purchase a home.

Nicole B

As someone who has been in the Title industry for over 25 years I have seen the HOA's change drastically.

Larry P

Stopped at our home returning from camping with our trailer May of 2019 to unload all of our laundry, food and freezer prior to dropping at storage only to have a snap shot of the of the moment.

Pam S

I am a real estate agent and on every real estate contract there are HOA fees imposed on sellers and buyers.

Nancy M

My negative experience with my HOA is that we have 5 abandon homes in our sub and nothing can be done to fix the appearance of these homes that have been falling apart for over 10 years!

Famina P

We have the worst HOA companies in Texas!!

James S

Our HOA / management company. Make up rules as they go.

Welda A

My story is about H O A in Harris county. The annual assessments are too extreme in fees

Sherry W

I manage an HOA and also deal with them as a Realtor. We do not charge a transfer fee, as it is not necessary.

Matthew C

The week that the State of Emergency was enacted statewide because of Covid-19. My HOA Board passed a $600 dues assessment on top of the already $350 monthly assessment to cover the financial mismanagement of the association.

Orlando L

Other than the courts there should be a property code for meditation or state organization to provide opinions and directions to these powerful biases organizations.

Tracey R

HOA's are not disclosing resale cert, CAP Fees or Foundation Fees to prospective buyers or the Agents that represent them during the option period of the resale process.

Rita D

This reform bill is long overdue. I have been in the business over 30 years and it has become increasely difficult to obtain simple HOA information about cost of transfer fees and Resale Certificates.

Rebecca S

I purchased a new build home 1 year ago, I was never given a copy of the HOA even though I asked a number of times, I finally received a copy which I was told had been updated.

Vanessa P

With taxation without representation encompassing the homeowner experience for my neighbors and my family, we have come full-circle in the homeownership "dream" which has turned out to be more of a nightmare.

Kirsten A

Most of my experiences with HOAs have been less than positive. It seems to be incredibly difficult to get ahold of whoever you need to talk with to confirm information.

Luke C

There are some HOA that do a great job and police when necessary which in turn keeps up property values but when they are run like a ""clubhouse" and your not "in the club" then it's really trouble and they can do whatever they want with the money.

jack p

My HOA raised our dues 100% with no vote as required by the HOA bylaws.

Virginia A

My Clients are native Spanish speakers, They were told to remove their parked vehicle on their driveway, because it was an eyesore to the neighborhood.

Erica N

I am a Texas Realtor and have had countless experiences with an HOA holding the necessary documents hostage and keeping families from closing on a home on time.

Brian T

There should be some sort of whistleblower process when members of homeowner associations abuse their power or purposely break the rules or the law.

Carolyn B

They receive request for info from title co when I was doing a 1031 they change name to Investment Exchange and use property address.

Jennifer H

I served as the Vice President of my HOA in Country Lake Estates for over two years (2019 and 2020).

Trish R

I was elected to a 5-person board in October, 2020.

Dee G

HOA company's will not give out any information regarding their CAP & Foundation fee that could cost the buyer and seller thousands of dollars.

Barbara M

As a Realtor, it is imperative that we market the property with the correct HOA information. This includes Transfer fees, annual dues, foundation or capitalization fees.

Olusegun A

HOA's should not be able to limit what vehicle you put on your property.

Bobbye D

I have just moved into a HOA and find they are not always upfront when bylaws are changed.

Susan J

We feel strongly that HOA reform is needed.

Janet E

Last year, I had a closing that was delayed because the HOA insisted that certain things must be done before a new owner could close.

Shahla S

I am so glad some positive changes are happening to HOAs. Unfortunately I have many negative experiences with Community HOAs and their limitless power without proper services.

Jessica D

I am a Texas Realtor, and HOA reform is so important for all Texas homeowners and home buyers. We need to be able to see all fees prior to writing contracts.

Michael T

I already answered this but forgot to mention that every HOA should have there restrictions and rules on line for anyone to see.

Melissa M

As a Realtor, I have seen the exorbitant resale certificate fees continue to rise and the time to receive the documents take several days to provide.

Tim G

This story is about my dad's HOA located in Pearland, TX.

Lynne B

We moved into our subdivision years ago and my husband travelled Monday thorough Friday every week, which meant that I was alone most of the time.

John Y

Submitted house plans to the HOA that were carefully designed to abide by the Architectural guidelines and deed restrictions.

Patrick K

Reform? Elected HOA officials answer to the homeowners in their Subdivision not to the Texas Legislature and certainly not TREC.

Renee L

3 years ago my husband and I purchase a new home in Crescent Bluff subdivision .

Holly M

Being a REALTOR I see the exorbitant fees associated with transferring a home from one owner to another. Sometimes the fees when selling a home are not fully identified until days or week prior to closing, this is not fair to a Buyer or a Seller.

Virginia J

Some of the larger community HOAs are very un-user friendly.


In my Pearland subdivision (77584) we pay a lot on money (about $500/yearper home with over 700 homes) on each home and there always seems to be a money shortage when we need something replaced or repaired

Larry R

Over the years I have Dealt with many HOA's in the Central Texas area as a contractor, a Realtor and a homeowner who resides in a HOA subdivision.

Robert G

My concern with HOA is they have no obligation to provide necessary contact information or why they have made charges on a notice.

Miguel T

It is happened now to 70 old person!!!

Jessica R

Due to overreach and over action on many issues most of my clients are ether refusing to look at any properties with POA's or HOA's. As well as moving from properties with HOA's/POA's.

Kimberly H

Monthly fees/Transfer fees are too high.

Pawel H

I own a condominium in a 77 unit complex, located in Houston. In 2020 the HOA Board imposed almost two million assessment.

Patrick S

I have had a negative experience with HOA.

Jeremy K

The fees to get HOA documents from many HOA management companies during a real estate transaction is usually excessive.

Charles K

HOA's while very important have been given to much latitude. In my opinion.


Ideally the concept of the HOA's is to keep the neighborhoods from demise. Unfortunately they have used this as an abusive tool to collect fees and fines to the point of harassment .

Norberto L

I've been a realtor for 32 years and I specialized in listings. Every time that we take a listing is almost impossible to contact the HOA

Meri L

I am having difficulty selling my listing & homes with HOA.

Kathy F

The HOA had to provide certain documents to my lender. The complex was in a lawsuit with the blanket insurance company for roof repairs and they did not disclose this to them.

Mary D

This was in the 90's. My husband repeatedly caught our HOA person looking over our privacy fence into our backyard.

Jingxi G

The biggest problem of HOA is too much power and bureaucratic.

Eric C

First, they are very unresponsive and yet quick to send out "violation" letters.

Medrano IV H

In 2012, we lost our home that was initiated by our HOA...

Jaqui F

Our HOA selectively enforces deed restrictions/protective covenants so that those who are on the board and their friends don't have to comply, but the rest of us do.

Linda W

We have several houses in our subdivision that are nothing short of disgusting.

Deloris T

I own two vacant lots on White Bluff Resorts property, the only thing on the lots are trees, and my HOA fees are close to $700.00 Every six months.

Nicole L

For the second year in a row our HOA is requiring residents to sign a covid waiver of liability release.

Anna B

My negative experience is with homeowners who live in a HOA and never read the governing documents

Bertha S

I'm a Realtor in Houston and I hear countless complaints about HOA's.

Emilie F

HOA will come by and take pictures the day before my landscaper mows and then charge me for "weeds" repeatedly.

Andrew C

Property owners should be able to have a say in who their management company is and have a direct line to issue complaints.

Kristen C

When buying and selling our home, we were charged over $500 for the HOA to forward paperwork.

Magdalena S

I was "ticketed" twice for having politcal sign - thats fine I removed it on Jan 20.

Shelly Y

As a Realtor, in one month, the fees to obtain documents Required for a resell increased by $145 through the third-party document company.

roma c

I am a property manager for single family residential properties and am required to follow all Fair Housing Requirements.

Annie J

Very bad experience, they overstep their power.

Tom M

Currently my HOA management company is going on a crusade to scrutinize every home to generate violations.

Issa Q

Our HOA charges each house around $75 per month for the front yard mowing.

Janice G

All our board members except 1 work for the developer

Linda H

My husband lived in our home for 25 years and would received countless bulling letters from the HOA for minor infractions

Dawn F

The day we moved in the neighborhood Blue Ridge in Tyler, Texas we were given a ticket on our Uhaul while we were unloading it.

Deborah F

I am concerned with the HOA rates being charged in Texas. Some are even more than 1/2 of house payments, with no justification.

Ken B

When I sold my unit, the HOA charged me $700 for the resale certificate but the normal fee is usually $350. I was told that it was because it was a rush order.

Delia A

I have been a Texas Realtor for 16 years and every time I get a Residential listing for sale , sellers has something to say about HOA resale covenants or certificate are too much and other fees are getting expensive .

Marilyn H

HOA's have held homeowners hostage.

Greg G

Yes, The Hoa decided to restrict renters and install new architectural rule governed by a 3 person committee.

Josh Z

What's most concerning to me about my HOA is the lack of Dispute Resolution guidelines and overall HOA authority that is unchecked.

LisaMarie E and Danny G

We believe the members of the Board and Architectural Committee are not acting in good faith and are abusing their power.

Frances E

We requested the HOA documents. We were told that the buyer could not have the documents unless he paid approx. $8OO up front to get the copies. It was a shock to both of us.

Sunil J

Our HOA does not do meetings as specified in the by-laws, financial transparency is sometimes difficult, and the the way they determine annual fees is a unclear.

Vernice J

I've been in my community for 10 years, and I'm just starting to get involved with my HOA.

Batch N

Our Management Company drives the area on Tuesdays looking for violations. Some of my favorite violations were ...

Teresha N

I have lived in the same neighborhood since November of 2007. I even served on our board for 4 years.

Randal N

We currently have an HOA management company trying to scare Board and ACC members telling them they cannot speak to the individuals or community members in regards to normal actions taken by those entities which includes ACC denials.

Donna F

HOA transfer, capital reserve, document fees, etc are VERY high, far out of scale with the services actually offered by HOAs.

Natalie F

Extreme lack of transparency

kim w

Bought a new home in 2019 and received a letter not even one month after closing from the HOA that their fees went up and we owed them an additional $300. This should have been known information before we closed.

Martin L

Their fees are excessive and unnecessary burdens on our American families!


I am a realtor and I had a seller who had to pay a $1,000 resell certificate

Yousef A

HOA charges our client excessive amount for HOA Resale and Transfer fee. Unfair for the buyer and seller

Julia Y

A letter and fine from HOA said a tenant had a Christmas party and a guest's car blocked a neighbor's driveway.

Kina R

HOAs are allowed to do such because they have no oversight and they can do whatever it is they so choose.

Viktor T

We think there should pre transparency and when apply to rent your property, the owners should know where on the list they stay, there must be transparency.

Kurt W

After years in counter terrorism defending our nation, I never imagined I would be struggling to defend attempts to take my home.

Carolina S

As a former escrow officer and now realtor, I find that a lot of HOA's charge ridiculous fees for documents pertaining to the transfer of property.

Helene G

The HOA I am a homeowner in is 2 years behind on work orders.

Sonia P

My HOA sent a bill in 2020, the had a change of address and did not inform us.

Candy J

It is an old story and so cliche it is disgusting. This must stop!

Donna R

I have been selling real estate for 40 plus years and I can't believe all the rules, permits, fees, that these POA's are charging.

Juan L

Over reach their powers.

Rita S

I think HOA's play a vital role in subdivisions to keep the neighborhoods valuations healthy. However, there is no reason for the HOA to charge exceptionally high Resale Certificate fees and Transfer fees, plus other fees associated to the transfer of property.

Carolyn S

I am reluctant to ask for anything since they can just put it in limbo for 60 days and leave us hanging waiting for an answer. This denies us due process.

Gerard C

Got proxies for election, then HOA Board threw them out (even though we used THEIR forms!)

Valore L

A common & routine tactic of HOAs is to require 14-21 days to provide resale certificate. For a rush fee, they'll generate within 2 business days.

Judy D

We in Oak Hollow subdivision have a caring hoa.

Frankie A

Ultimately I sold my house I loved in gated community & moved.

Grady H

HOA's charge a fee to manage the subdivision. That fee should be inclusive of everything necessary to do the job! They shouldn't take advantage of title companies and Real Estate agents who need Resale Certificates, By-Laws, and CC&R's as source for another revenue stream.

Susan W

Developer run HOA board bids jobs and considers 3-5 contractors. Would be good for them to post for public as to where they post these jobs, selection criteria, finalist, and bid winners.

Susan W

Developer run HOA has established a "foundation" funded by .50% of each resale of homes.

Stuart S

it appears to me that the HOA practice to assess a "Capitalization Fee on a property every time it is sold is more like a tax.

Alex C

Besides all that has been said, their personal attitude towards the homeowners, or other interested parties, is of authority bordering on omnipotence.

Linda M

After owning a rental property for a few years, the HOA told us that they were no longer allowing rental properties.


Where to begin here .?.. well long story but I built a home in Lake View Manor in Willis and my builder hop skipped out on me half way thru.

Anthony A

I hate HOAs with a passion and would like to see them banned in Texas

Michael W

My wife and I purchased our home in June 2020. I asked the builder would it be ok if I parked my company vehicle in the driveway.


This is an oppressive amount for the limited documents that are provided to the buyers.

Al G

Board secretly meets to create new policies/rules/etc., then goes to public monthly mtg

D lee E

I represent a number of Buyers and Sellers annually and the transfer costs in some of the central Texas HOAs is ridiculous and oppressively high.

Judy G

The fees the hoa charges for docs required for a real estate deal are just stupid high & it takes forever to get them...even with the even more stupid expedited fee it still takes forever.

Stacy W

HOA's must be kept in check to ensure they are not violating the rights of others, plain and simple.

Bert D

The rationale for the oppressive Decisions is that State Law grants Broad & Sweeping Power to Texas HOA's.

Debbie H

As a REALTOR, Biggest problem I have is not knowing about fees, CCR's, ACC information/contacts, and subdivision layout for potential clients. Must pay to get these for potential buyers if seller does not have them.

Ann A

Sadly HOA management companies are not regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission so there appears to be no accountability or way for a consumer to complain and get resolution.

Nazee R

There should be more regulation For HOA.

Lisa W

The rules and regulations of any HOA should be available to anyone online and resale fees should be a reasonable amount or at no charge.

Brenda M

There's no accountability and no transparency with HOA transfer fees to buyers and resale fees to sellers. I find it silly that our sellers and buyers need to rely on a third party to get documents to continue with the contract.

Lisa L

HOA's are not transparent, they do not share total HOA cost to buyers and sellers prior to listing. At closing we learned a cost of .25% of contract price goes to HOA for community enhancement and another fee for working capital.

Cyndy P

My sellers have had challenges getting information and understanding costs. There's no transparency and HOA Management responds at a snails pace. This will be helpful so buyers know what they can expect from the HOA instead of this mystery exposed during the sale.



Mandi S

We need stricter guidance for Hoas.

Ankit B

This is too much power for someone to hold over us without any accountability.

Bede R

recently we wanted to close within 10 days. We had to pay an extra $300 to expedite.

Laura A

It seems as soon as the HOA's discovered they could charge a $10.00 transfer fee they continued to increase the fees just because they could and no one has stopped them. It is time to stop them NOW!

Debra M

Bottom line, my client terminated the contract because we discovered that the HOA is ultimately the decision maker.

Robert W

All docs should be on a website where they can be downloaded for free and a cap of $25-$40 for an updated resale certificate. They catch the consumer at the end of the sale and take them to the cleaners.

Joe W

These items all are a part of the oppressive document fees and result in overspending creating surprise fees and special assessments.

Cathy G

Most HOA's will not give out a statement of accounts letting us know what is owed by the new owner (mortgage Company) until we order a full Resale Certificate even though it is not needed or required.

Brian H

We own a rental property in an HOA that doesn't allow any "for rent" or even "for sale" signs!

Brian H

Our HOA management company charged $725 for the resale certificate! Additionally they charged the fee immediately upon requesting the docs instead of upon delivery as required by law.

Beatriz D

I had a small apartment and some time ago my HoA decided to change the color of the buildings with a awful blue color without any votes from our par

Bill E

The HOA needs to be limited to filing their fines in JP court so this abuse cannot happen.

Huy N

I sold my house and hit a surprise bill of $700 of resale certificate

Michael B

HOA will sometimes refuse to communicate with, or send notices to, designated property manager Realtors, even after signed directives are provided by the owner to do so.

Linda T

I have never experienced these issues here in the Houston Bay Area and have served on several boards.

Ashley C

I can't help my clients make informed decisions about a property purchase if the HOA/Condo association refuses to give me basic information about the property.

Charles C

Our HOA is as transparent as mud, they truly make up the rules as they go along.

Chenelle J

There needs to be cap on the outrageous doc fees and transparency on the costs. HOA won't give you a receipt when you pay your fee.

Camille U

I wish HOA's would be required to make available, upfront, (preferably on their website) ALL the fees associated with the sale of a property: buyer transfer fee; seller fee for the resale certificate & document package; fees that will be charged to the buyer at closing, like "capital operating fee", etc.

Camille U

As a Texas Realtor, I'm experiencing HOA's charging an additional "rush" fee to provide their documents in less than 21 days to buyers under contract

Ruth Anne T

HOA reform is a positive consideration allowing Texas law to define disclosure, accountability and clarity.

Beth H

HOA's need to be educated moving into a healthy future.

Vira G


Gary S

These homeowner associations need and should be held accountable by the state in some fashion!!!!!

Susan S

What I learned from this is these bylaws give all the rights to the HOA and no rights to residents.

Lisa C

As far as transfer fees go, I agree they are gouging buyers.

Bill P

There is a wall of silence when anyone tries to find out who the new Directors are, how long is their term, or when and where the Board of Directors meetings are held. This has become a nightmare.

Harold V

Homeowners who do not follow the rules should not be able to appeal a rules violation when the preponderance of evidence clearly demonstrates a failure to follow a basic rule that the vast majority of homeowners want to be enforced.

Brent M

Bottom line is they punished the honest home owner and, since they don't enforce their own policy if you don't tell them there's a renter, they continually reward the sneaky investors.

Shu-Hui L

My condo burned out and HOA made me pay their deductible $10K.

Annie M

Depending upon the management company and the community, these resale packets can cost anywhere from $250 to 500 and have an expiration date. There are areas that have multiple HOA's, which means these fees double.

bruce Z

there are about 110 homes that no longer have easy access to our recreation center and pool

Emiko K

My husband and I are planning to purchase a home somewhere with no HOA. Texas has given them to much control over governing our property.

Ann B

Reform is needed to ensure that HOA documents (CCRs, Insurance coverage, amendments, financials, annual meeting minutes and 12 months of BOD minutes should be made mandatory items for disclosure purposes!

Rose C

I am paying almost $1900 annually on POA fee and this year they added what they called "Special assessment" on top of the POA fee which is $900 annually.

Debbie S

I have been a Realtor in Tx since 1978 and ran into an ugly HOA rule when my daughter bought a lot and then decided to sell it.

John P

When things get this lopsided there should be some agency to go to for some relief.

Rachelle S

As a realtor and an long time HOA board member, I need to point out that the focus of these reforms should be on the Property Management Companies.

Sara P

HOA's have gained too much control and requirements over homes owned by investors.

Sue S

HOA's and Management companies definitely need a review and limits set for charges.

Steve S

As a real estate agent, the HOA transfer fees some HOAs are charging ... is really getting out of hand.

Ronald H

While HOA's when operated properly are a great help in managing issues like overgrown grass, refusal to HOA member to properly maintain fences, and/or valid related area property issues, many HOAs are engaged in overreach and lack of transparency as personally experienced

Lori H

That's where we learned there is no oversight when there is a problem with an HOA.

Carrie M

It would be great if there would be additional options during the selling and/or closing process which would identify voluntary hoa's with mandatory deed restrictions.

Kerri J

we have never been informed of an HOA meeting nor have we received any financial info until I recently requested it.

Pat G

Each management company and/or neighborhood is different so it's very hard to tell a seller and/or buyer what to expect.

Stephen P

Over the past 21 years we've owned two different homes in two different HOAs. Both have been fantastic.

Barry B

My experience is that I like an HOA where taking care of your property is expected, which in turn produces higher property values.

Lisa K

HOA are good if they work with the homeowners. We just want to be heard and have a voice.

Walter R

I am a real estate agent I am frustrated by not being able to see the fees and charges for documents and transferring the property from one owner to another.

Al C

I would like to suggest that Arbitration be an option when homeowner and HOA cannot resolve their issue

Deborah M

The mandatory documents required from my HOA for closing cost me $2,200 for Capitalization Fee and $1,444 for a Foundation Fee. Total cost for to me $3,644! HOA's are OUT OF CONTROL!

Cindy M

We have many other HOA's in our area and no others have this type of reputation even though the homes and properties are much nicer and more expensive!

Kalah M

We own a condo. The hoa has not been transparent.

Anna S

I have only had positive experiences with HOAs! I believe HOAs help keep neighborhoods and multi unit communities at a higher standard than those without.

Leanne K

My first experience with an HOA was when I moved to Texas 10 years ago.

Linda F

The service provide by HOA's is not negative, it is valuable and beneficial.

Melinda S

My Homeowners Association fined me, threatened further legal action, and refused to acknowledge my letters, emails, and phone calls to them over a three month period

Michael T

An HOA should never be allowed to foreclose on a person's house. Possibly a lien that is collected when a person sells the house but no more.

Debbie M

Things got so bad, that I'm selling my house and have lived in it less than 2 years. It has been a sad experience and has cost me a lot of money.

Teddy H

I have enjoyed the way my HOA operates. It communicates constantly with the residents in the community.

Lindsay W

We can't seem to get a clear answer from our management company about where the money is spent and when. As a group, we are spending $204,341.40 per year and we have no indication of where that money is actually going.

Bridget L

My closing was delayed 3 times by a total of 14 days due to delays in the HOA providing underwriting required documentation...I almost lost my home due to the HOAs lack of urgency or concern with me as an incoming member.

Melody R

My HOA has been able to have no increase on dues for over 12 years now while adding 1.3 miles of trails and a new park.

Casey B

I have had some negative experiences with the HOAs I've lived in over the years but overall, I think they are sorely needed!

Judy P

They help my neighborhood with community activities and have done amazingly well to keep my dues at a reasonable level.

Sandra F

I have only had good experience with HOA's.

Nina T

But for volunteer board members and their homeowners associations, property values would not be the highest it has ever been in decades.


The most beneficial reason of HOA living is the protection my property value.

Julie S

They can charge whatever they want for resale, take as long as they want (10-12 BUSINESS days is common), and leverage you because of long turnaround, to pay additional expedite fees.

Julia F

My neighborhood became a mandatory HOA about 20 years ago. The main reason was security. Recently the HOA has become more oppressive.

Mark P

I believe the fees that HOAs are allowed to charge during property transfer should be regulated or capped so that consumers know upfront how much they will be paying at closing to the HOA. Right now, homeowners are at the mercy of their HOAs with no way to fight back

Helen F

HOA are charging too much to transfer to a new owner. It is ridiculous all they charge.

Jean P

The purchase of the HOA transfer certificate is excessively expensive.

Susan G

They have made it difficult to get any resale certificates.

Gerald S

I don't believe I know anyone who has had a good experience with HOAs.

Mary W

We have limited info to read about our HOA, things are done without a vote or discussion.

Thomas H

Of course there have been very positive experiences, as well as negative

Benjamin M

There is more than sufficient dissemination of HOA requirements, policies and governance to potential buyers.

Mike M

I'm on an HOA Board. We do the best we can, provide transparency, have an open invitation to meetings and are more than willing to explain our rationale for any decision.

Robert B

HOAs excel at two things: charging fees and avoiding phone calls.

David C

it takes 7-10 days for their office to send the info, which puts some transactions at risk if not done within the timeline specified in the contract.

Larry L

I have NEVER had an issue with an HOA. The problem has to do with management companies, their fees and the time it takes to get things done.

Deborah B

There is not good transparency on the balance of the funds collected and how the money is being used.

Cindy B

I just recently got approval after over 6 mos. of meetings and appeals to finally repair my home.

Aubrey C

Many of the HOAs do not have updated websites or may not have one at all. Finding reliable information and documentation is a serious concern. A centralized database is necessary to protect our buyers.

Eva-Jean D

I can also tell you many other stories of HOA issues that I have encountered over the years. Non active or abandoned HOAs that have no one that can produce a resale certificate, that holds up closings or keeps the property from closing at all.

Liz W

It appears to me that in some cases, it's overreach.

Kimberly B

The HOA would not tell me or my seller how much the transfer or resale certificate fees would be unless we ordered the certificate. This was before the house was even listed.

Bryan M

Long over due. HOAs have progressively held sellers hostage on getting HOA documents to transaction parties on a timely manner per contract.

David J

My last buyer had to pay $1,254.00 plus transfer fee of $210. Resident also pay $1200+ a year for dues.

Ron M

When I first moved to Texas from out of state where HOAs did not exist, I was hopeful that the Association would help maintain the neighborhood.

Ivy B

was hit with a $1900 fee by the HOA for selling. this was never disclosed and a big surprise to seller and agent at closing.

Madeleine B

As a licensed Realtor, I have lived in an older condominium complex for almost 20 years, and have seen our HOA Management company change every few years.

Sharon A

I have had a negative experience with a past HOA.

Lani W

One BIG problem has been, when I call the HOA management company to find out the cost of the HOA transfer fees, they tell me that we have to order a $350-$500 resale certificate in order to find out what the transfer fees will be.

Zaira C

I have been paying 525.00 and live nowhere near the area. I also was told that now we all have to pay an additional 150 bi-anually for the next 3 years starting 2021. I of course loved the area and saw myself retiring there or vacationing there but unfortunately it has made many people sale their homes and lots.

Kathy E

I don't think HOAs should have the power to prevent residents from making changes to their own rules documents.

Kelli O

Something has needed to be done with HOA's and Management companies for a very, very long time now. They are holding peoples closing hostage.

Heather A

The biggest problems we typically see are surprise fees - some HOA's will tell you their fees upfront and others make you pay for a Resale Certificate or Statement of Account to get the fees.

Sean M

In my experience the HOA neighborhoods show better. In general, better maintained. Also, I think local control is important.

Jeanne G

It's a mess! The fees are becoming extortion and the buyers and sellers don't know what to do when the HOA is holding their move ransom

Ashley C

My client made an offer on a condo and the HOA was unable to provide any information up front regarding special assessments or governing docs.

Cindy H

As a licensed broker in Texas Real Estate making a consumer pay for documentation is extortions.

Andrew O

I hope we can do something to make these fees more transparent or put some upper cap on them.

Andrew O

I would really appreciate it if there was more transparency about these huge fees or some other way to limit them.

Todd S

We have lived in our brand new housing community for six months. In that time period, we have had three different community managers, causing tremendous amount of turmoil and a lack of continuity for homeowners.

Steven G

The HOA's have a purpose but far too many boards and management company's have become drunk with power.

Cyndie G

We had an HOA president move out of the neighborhood and not sell her house until the day after the re-election for officers so she could still have power for another 2 months

Sonya P

We all know that for most Americans, home ownership is the not only their greatest achievement, but also their largest financial investment. So the question is why are there no rules or guidelines in place that hold Home/Property owners associations accountable

Adil R

HOA LAWS IN TEXAS ARE RIDICULOUS AND DEFINITELY needs to be revised way too much power and services sucks.

David G

Homeowner association does not provide financials for the annual budget. The HOA board simply votes even though several members want to see the financials.

Heather K

I would like to point out that the HOA Transfer Fees required upon the sale of a home are ridiculous!

Nicholas K

My HOA Story - we've lived in our house since late 2018, and haven't had much interaction with our HOA, apart from paying the fees and receiving the newsletters and annual reports.

Krishna U

HOAs can be an useful resource to the community. their job should be provide a community not be this mysterious entity that homeowners fear.

Cyndi B

Over $1500 in HOA fees to sell a home. $1200 initiation fee to HOA and 300 resale. Could not find this info online prior to writing offer.

Paul I

These policies scream "over-reach"!

Annette T

The fee charged by HOA's should be a set fee for each transaction and be based more reasonably on the actual work needed to prepare and process the resale certificate.

Michael R

I do not like the lack of transparency that exists. It is difficult to obtain information on how monies are spent and where it is spent.

Jeff V

My investor client was stuck with a condo that he could not rent out and the lack of transparency and all the secrecy was unconscionable.

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